National Vocational Certificate – NVC

  1. Furniture Making and Upholstery.
  2. Office Secretarial Assistant

                                          THE BENEFITS

  1. Graduates of our 2-year National Diploma can be employers of labour rather than being job seekers.
  2. They can be creative, versatile, dynamic and self-reliant.
  3. They are trained to the up-to-date in their chosen fields for the advancement of themselves and the Nation.
  4. They can use the certificate obtained to further their tertiary education at any Polytechnic and University of their choice within and outside Nigeria. Therefore, they can be admitted into 200-LEVEL at their chosen school after our National Diploma.
  5. They can also enjoy the exchange programme that the school has with other institutions within and outside Nigeria and Africa.
  6. They can be properly equipped with the entrepreneurial skills associated with their chosen fields with innovation.


The 2-year National Diploma tuition fee is as follows;


The accommodation is provided to our students, on request, at our luxury student hostel with affordable prices. Please, call to book your bed space or a room.